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My name is Pro aka Proguy... i have renamed myself as "Teprow" and have dedicated to blogging here once a week about Tebow and related subjects. Please come back once in a while and check out my lunatic rants about Tim Tebow, the Chosen One. E-MAIL me your comments on my awesome blogggggggg!!!

Apr 2 2012 - Tebow is a Jet Wow! Tebow as a Jet! Barely sinking in... I think this is great place for him now that he has been established as the number two behind Dirty. Dirty is weak and will pave a easy path to Tebow starting. Tebow just needs to focus on working hard and getting better then everything else will not matter. Only place to go is up. Get the QB stats where they need to be and help win again! I gotta go order some Jets Tebow jerseys and burn the Broncos ones.. later

Feb 4 2012 - Tebowmania at the Superbowl This is a incredible time for Tebow fans. Tebow is drawing more press than Brady or Manning. This is unreal. Tebow has given us true original fans this same feeling that now the country is apart of. I was watching TMZ the other night and they were following around our boy. Even some of those TMZ studio jokers were trying to imply he is "partying". All in good fun, but Timmy does what Timmy does - and that is his business. Get off his back... By no means was he invisible during his UF days but this attention is extreme and media crazed. I also watched him on Nightline last night (hint to Nightline - everyone knows Tebow's story so why rehash it and ask some better more personal questions) - Tebow is really excellent when speaking to the medis and some day could easily end up in the booth. Of course not until he gets two or three Lombardi trophies ;-) Have a great Superbowl!

Jan 9 2012 - Tebow beat Steelers in OT What a great game! Tebow wins in OT! Tebow to DT in the fastest OT win ever! Wow, awesome Tebow, just when you think it cant get any more dramatic! Boom! there is another nailbiter. Anyway Tim looked impressive and the Broncos are onward to NE to face the might Brady. This test is just another road block but Tebow seems ready for the task at hand. Let's go Tebow and lets see Brady fall flat in the playoffs again.... SHout out to DT for making FOTM. Helping Tebow is the best thing you can do as a person ; so DT you are the man! Keeping catching for 200 yards - we need you next game with Decker uncertain. No dropped balls damn it.... OK then good luck Tebow and congrats on another awesome victory!


Dec 14 2011 - Teprow Blows Due to a lack of blogging from Teblow, I have taken over for now. He hasnt been blogging and this is the most exciting time for Tebow in The NFL... ALOT is happening - it's Tebowmania. EVERYONE is talking Tebow. Last time Teprow blogged was pre-Tebowing game (which we attended of course). That Fins game began a 4th quarter run that some are saying is being directed by the big man himself, God. God... Tebow... what's the difference. All I know Tebow is winning games despite a lack of support from team management (Elway, ugh, when did that hillbilly become some kind of stuffed shirt guru). Denver has the Pats this week. Great test and everyone says they cant win because the Pats are a better team. We will see. That is what everyone said in all the previous games as well and Tebow came through .... "Rapper" Joe Budden @JoeBudden is on First Take talking like he is some sports expert; putting down Tebow. I say BLOW UP his Twitter account and just pump a million messages at him. Listen Budden - trying to be cool and actually being cool are two different things that most people figure out pretty quick.... Tonight on NFL network we have the Broncos/Bears game where Tebow was wired up. This will be incredible. Watch it ... also on First Take ESPN Friday Skip Bayless will be in Denver - he has totally latched on to Tebow and is milking this way too much. We know you love Tebow, Skip , now go cover some other story and stop trying to ride Timmy's coattails. You didnt support him in 2006/2007 like we did so get to stepping.... We will try and update this more often! Thanks for nothing Tefraud


Oct 22 2011 - Return of Tebow & Teprow's Blog Scroll all the way down this page and you'll see it is four years to the day I wrote my first blog on Tebowner. Unfortunately, my last one was almost two years ago after Bama beat the Gators in the 2009 SEC Championship. I apologize for my Teprowcrasting, but like Tebow, I am back and ready to rant and rave about 'The Chosen One'!

During these four years, Tebow has continued to show his greatness, but yet he is still constantly questioned and criticized by analysts and even his own coach and general manager. What the hell is wrong with Fox and Elway? Even when they talk about him, they don�t sound positive or get the least bit excited. WTF? It�s like they�re rooting against him. Way to show support for Timmy, by trading away their best receiver the week before he starts. Fox, you�re no Belichick and in case you forgot, Carolina fired your lame ass last year. Speaking of Carolina, their rookie quarterback is looking good, but in my eyes he will always be known as Tebow�s backup (while at UF). And Elway, I used to be a fan, but now you�re being a little jealous bitch, because Timmy sold more Broncos jerseys in a year than you did in your lifetime. Get over it, do your job, and support Tebow! None of this 1 or 2 starts and then back to Orton, give Timmy the remainder of the season and let him show you why he was the greatest college football player of all time and will adjust to the differences in the NFL. Hello, Peyton Manning (0-4 against Florida) went 3-13 with a QB rating of 71.2 in his rookie year. Elway would have probably traded Manning away for Neil O�Donnell or Erik Kramer.

It's more than ironic, its fate that Tebow makes his first start of the year in Miami on Gator Day. On the same field he won a High School State Championship (Nease High) in 2005 and the 2008 National Championship with the Gators. I will be among the thousand of Tebowites, Gator Nation, and Bronco fans tomorrow at 'What�s it called this week Stadium'! I will be enjoying two of my favorite pastimes, Cheering for Tebow and Trashing the Dolphins. I would say I would lose all of my credibility if I told you I was a 'Stinkin' Jets Fan, but I don�t have any credibility to lose. I�m not proud of being a 'Stinkin' Jets fan, but I am loyal. On the other hand, I am a proud Tebowite and Gator Alum and will be ready to stiff arm any annoying dolphin fan or hurricane fan (two of the most bandwagon fan bases in sports) who gives me or Timmy shit tomorrow!

TEPRODICTION: Broncos 27, Dolphins 20

P.S. Got great seats, but looking for a parking pass. (

Jan 1 2010 - Post SEC Championship Game - Pre Sugar Bowl Happy New Year to all my fellow Tebowners! Today is the last day Timmy will put on the Orange and Blue uniform tonight in the Sugar Bowl. Although we were hoping this wouldn�t happen for another week (in Pasadena), it was inevitable and something the Gator Nation has not been looking forward to, while the rest of the College Football and Tebow haters will be celebrating at the conclusion of the Sugar Bowl whether the Gators win or lose. However, today he is still the starting Gator QB, so I�m excited to watch him play tonight and won�t get all nostalgic yet. We�re playing a tough, motivated Cincinnati team, who would love to finish their season undefeated and beating Timmy and our phenomenal senior class. However, I�m confident that we won�t come out flat like Bama did last year against Utah did in the sugar bowl last year after their first defeat to us in the SEC championship game. This team has too much pride to not give it their all and go out with a second consecutive 13-1 season. I also think a second consecutive loss, might kill Meyer (so much drama), so we need to play our asses off. Cincy does have two great QBs and a high powered offense, but they also have given up an average of 36 points in their last 4 games. Our D needs to rebound from the SEC championship and dominate like we had for the previous 22 straight games. On offense, Addazio needs to open up the playbook and let Timmy do his thing running tough and throwing deep. Tonight will be a historical night and all will be tuned in (lovers and haters) to see the best College Football Player of all time play his last collegiate game (wait, what about the Senior Bowl)! Go Get �Em Timmy, and go out with a Bang! The entire Gator Nation is behind you.

Teprowdiction: Gators 42 Bearcats 24

Post FSU - Pre SEC Championship Gators 37 Filthy Noles 10 A record setting crowd of over 90,000 screaming fans with Tebowners showed up at The Swamp to witness the end of an era in Gainesville. It was a perfect afternoon of excitement and emotion watching Timmy T. run out of the tunnel for the last time. Tebow, Spikes, Riley and the juniors who probably played there last game in the swamp too (Haden, Hernandez, Dunlap, etc.) didn�t waste any time getting the game in hand so we can give Timmy and this class their due. A five TD game propelled Timmy right back into the Heisman race and another multi TD game against Bama might even clinch it. The team (FSU) that once owned the Gators, received its 6th straight ass kicking (should have been 7, if not for the incompetent ACC refs, no I�ll never let that go). Even though the game was in hand from the first score, the Swamp was electric as it�s ever been, as the flash bulbs focused on Tebow were almost blinding, especially in the final few drives. When Demps broke that 62 yard run in the fourth quarter, Gator fans actually cheered when he was tackled in the red zone, because we knew it gave us one more chance to see Timmy take it into the end zone. Teprow called the jump pass play, and it would have been completed if the FSU defender didn�t trip Hernandez. Regardless Tebow ran the option and walked into the end zone for the final time to deafening cheers. You get the point how special a night it was, but now its over and time to focus in on Bama in the ATL this Saturday. Not off to a good start with the loss of Dunlap (why couldn�t a third string freshman pick his ass up from a party, take him to taco bell, and get him home safely) but doesn�t mean we still can�t win (and possibly) dominate if we play our best game. Remember last year, we beat Bama without Percy. So let�s hope Meyer, Strong, and Timmy continue to prepare and play well in the Big Games as they have over the past 4 years and come up with Tebow�s 3rd SEC championship and invitation to the National Championship Game. Go Gators!

Teprowdiction: Gators 30 Bama 23

P.S. not ready for a change, but I did like the new uniforms


Post FIU - Pre FSU Gators 62 FIU 3 Great all around scrimmage game for Tebow and the Gators before the final 3 of the season and Timmy's phenomenal college career! (long pause as I reach for another tissue). I don�t know if I�ve ever been so psyched for a game, but it will be bittersweet, as it will be the last time Timmy runs out of the tunnel and hopefully (many times) into the end zone in The Swamp. And what�s with Nike waiting for the last home game to show the new style uniforms? I guess it�s not a big deal, since we�ll still have the biggest two games of the year left. I do like the idea of everyone wearing eye black to show their love and appreciation for Tebow. I might black out my whole face because I�m very appreciative to �The Chosen One.� I know the pre-game ceremony will be a little emotional for Tebow and all the Seniors (hell of a group), but once the ball is kicked off, we need to get focused on beating the shit out of the filthy Noles. Too much is on the line, and as shitty as their team is and as old as their coach is, anything can happen. I think FSU comes into the Swamp hyped up to make their season, but if things don�t go their way early, they realize they don�t have a chance and tap out. I�m looking forward to a great day in Florida Football History, not to mention some great tailgating with a reunion of Teprow�s peeps. Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Tebowners and make sure to give thanks for everything important in your life such as: Family, Friends, Faith, Health, the best University and Football Program in the world, and the best player (and man) in the history of College Football. 11 wins down, 3 to go. Let�s �Finish the Mission!�

Post CockFest - Pre FIU Gators 24 - Cocks 14, Urban 4 - Steve 1, I love a good (Game) Cock Beating. I'm not a big fan of the nail biting while I'm beating Cocks, but a Wins a Win and I'll take it! The Defense and Offense both came flying out of the gate with a quick 3 and out by the D and then a long TD strike from Timmy to Riley in stride. Then it got a little scary with the Ol' Ball Coach marching his team down the field for a score and the rest of the game was pretty tight until the fourth quarter. Once again we relied on the (Charlie) Strong Gator D to put the game away, this time with a pick from Justin Trattou. Timmy had a decent game, but not the He15manlike games he's put together in the last two years. Which has me realizing that we, the Gator Nation, have been so spoiled with dominating victories over the past few years, we're not appreciative as we should be about being undefeated and number 1 in the country. So what if we're not covering 17.5 point spreads, our defense is phenomenal and Timmy and our offense our managing games. There are no such things as easy SEC wins, especially on the road. I implore all of us to stop being greedy and celebrate every victory (whether by 1, 10, or 40) and cherish every chance we get to see Timmy play in the Orange and Blue. One more thing, I Teprow, would like to apologize to the Gator Nation for my pathetic performance while shot gunning beers with Cocks during a pre-game tailgate. My effort was there, but technique was pathetic and wore as much beer as I drank. Luckily, my cousin Sean (the Jeffrey Demps of Shot gunning Beers) defeated any Cock willing to get in his face (with a beer) with speeds under 3 seconds. I promise to sharpen my skills for the big FSU tailgate party in two weeks. Not going to talk trash about this week's opponent FIU. Just looking forward to a decisive victory with no injuries. Then need to lay it all on the line for the last 3 games of Timmy's illustrious career.

Teprowdiction: Gators 42 FIU (don't even know the name of their mascot) 6


November 18, 2009 - SPECIAL EDITION - COUNTER-BLOG Riley Cooper sucks. You forgot to mention he missed TWO passes for long TDs that were right on the money - Harvin or Murphy catch and score easy. Then Timmy's stats are golden. His WRs killed him this year causing him to have less stats (more sacks and less YAC).

Post Vandy - Pre South Carolina (aka Cockfest '09) Gators 27 Vandy 3. Another defensive masterpiece giving us 19 straight victories. That's fuckng phenomenal ! A Spikeless Defense showed why we're undefeated, while we still haven't peeked on offense yet. Timmy played a decent game with a touchdown and no picks, but was sacked 4 times. Even when the O-line does there job, the receivers are still having trouble getting open. I also think Tebow's been a little more gun shy to throw the ball to a covered receiver since the 2 interception returns against Georgia, which is fine. A sack is always better than an interception, but I'd like to see Timmy roll out of the pocket to give his receivers more time to get open and give him the option to throw the ball out of bounds if there's nowhere to run. Hope it doesns't sound like I'm knocking our He15man Hero, because I have complete confidence in him and still think his best games are ahead of him. I'm expecting him to go "Balls Out" and lead the "Cock Beating" Saturday against the Ol' Ball Coach, Stevil. Although we locked up the SEC east (and will play Bama), I think we'll be jacked up for this one. I'm predicting another fun filled Cockfest, including, but not limited to: crashing tailgate parties; shotgunning beers; Maurice's Barbecue; late night scattered, smothered, and covered; a dominating Tebow Heisman performance; many Spurrier visor throws; a Dominating Victory; .......etc.

TEPROWDICTION: Gators 41 Cocks 17

Teprowshoutout: Happy 15th to the Varas! (Wear the 15 this week)

Teprowrequest: Still need 3 tix to the game. Email me if you have any leads.

November 4, 2009 Post Georgia - Pre Vandy Gators 41 Puppies 17. My Teprowdiction (38-13) was pretty close. The Gators put on the eye gouging performance I was hoping for. I was thrilled to see Timmy and the offense throw for 2 TDs on the first two possessions. Although, when Georgia scored the next 10 points, I thought we might be in for another nail biter, but we pulled away and looked like a number one team. I (and many others) thought it was hysterical that Georgia thought black helmets and black pants would propel them to victory. They�d be idiots to try some bullshit like that again next year, but F@*k, nothing is surprising when we�re talking about Georgia. Tebow put up a He15sman like performance with four TDs (two rush/2 pass) and broke Hershel Walker�s SEC rushing TD record on a spectacular run. A few more dominant games like this and Tebow will be back on track for a Heisman and National Championship in the same year (ala Danny Wuerffel, but he only got one of each). And thanks to Tennessee (did I just say that), the Gators have clinched the SEC east and we�re locked in to the SEC Championship Game which will most likely be BAMA or LSU depending who wins that game this week. We should be favored in the next 4 games prior to Atlanta, but can�t take any game lightly. Need another quick start and no drama against Vandy. Oh I almost forgot, what the hell was Spikes doing? I thought he was smarter than that, and would have had a couple of other lineman jump on the pile and block the camera views. All kidding aside, that was bullshit and after seeing the video, I think Meyer should have sat him for the whole game. Hope that�s the last negative thing we have to deal with this year as this is crunch time.

TEPROWDICTION: Gators 49 Vandy 9

P.S. Only one more week until CockFest '09 (email me at if you have any tix for South Carolina)

October 29, 2009 Post Miss State - Pre World's Largest Outdoor COCKtail Party Another sloppy close game with costly turnovers. Just like Arkansas, we were not clicking on offense and still had several occasions to take control and put the game away, AND DIDN�T. On the bright side, we still won a tough SEC road game and Timothy Richard Tebow tied Hershel Walker for all time SEC rushing TDs. Congrats Timmy !!! However, for the past few weeks Tebow and the Gators have been playing the roles of an average QB and football team. I hope this Halloween Tebow and the Gators remove their masks, and show that their real identities are Superman and the Defending National Champions. If shitty QB Eric Crompton and Tennessee can light up the Georgia D like a Christmas tree, than we should be able score at will. We just need some new offensive tricks and treats! There is already talk that Addazio is out after this season as offensive coordinator, and UNLV coach Mike Sanford (Urban�s offensive coordinator at Utah) will step right in (sounds good to me). Regardless, this week is the World�s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party(WLOCP) and we shouldn�t need any additional motivation to treat these dawgs like Michael Vick�s pets (think I used that one last year). I have fond memories of the WLOCP, such as throwing milk-bones at the Dawg fans while we beat them by 30 points every year. When I was going to Jax in the 90�s the weekend football was secondary as it was always a beat down, partying at the landing was the priority. We kicked their ass last year and we need to keep it going. And this blog wouldn�t be complete without 'Georgia, Georgia, How�d you like to bite my Ass!'

TEPROWDICTION: Gators 38 Puppies 13


October 21, 2009 - Post Arkansas - Pre Miss State Shit, and I thought the LSU game was too close for comfort. What a scare in the Swamp against the Hogs. Way to reminiscent of Ole Miss last year, but we got a little luck (missed field goal) and the offense finally clicked in the last two drives with a TD and a field goal. I know Spikes went out on the first series, and Arkansas has a very good offense, but WTF was with all of the missed tackles. I had flashbacks to the Fiesta Fiasco against Nebraska in 1995. I�ve heard a lot of people say we didn�t deserve to win that game, as we only held the lead for 3 minutes, but if we didn�t keep shooting ourselves in the foot with lost fumbles, we would have been controlling the game from the start. Well, lesson learned (even if we should have learned it last year). The good news is that we played a shitty game and still got the W. Tebow played well, both running and passing, despite a few drops that were on the money. And thank God Deonte Thompson caught that ball when he was 20 yards ahead of the cornerback. Now Timmy and the Gators match up with our old friend, Dan Mullen, in Starkville Saturday night. The Gators haven�t won there since 1985, and with Mullen�s knowledge of Timmy and the offense, we will need to bring our A Game and start clicking on all F*@Kin� Heisman Cylinders. This week Meyer , Addazio, and Strong better be preaching ball control (no fumbles) and proper tackling (no Tommy Fraziers). Maybe we�re not as good as we were last year without Harvin, Murphy, and Mullen, but I think we have enough talent on the field starting with our main man, Timmy, to start showing that we are and get this thing cranked up for the rest of the year.

TEPROWDICTION: Gators 31 Bulldogs 17

October 15, 2009 Post LSU - Pre - Arkansas Florida 13 - LSU 3 So it wasn't the prettiest offensive game, but who gives a shit, Timmy is Back and the Gators are still undefeated and won in what will probably be one of the toughest environments of the year. LSU had a streak of 32 straight wins on Saturday night in Baton Rouge, now they have a losing streak of 1. Let me give you three reasons why we won that game (in case you missed it or are too dumb to figure it out yourself) Defense, Defense, Defense. Our defense is F@&kin solid and the main reason we have a chance to run the table. Spikes, Haden, Dunlap, Cunningham, Black, Wright, etc. have been playing like champions and should be able to keep any offense in the country to under 20 points. Big shout out to Charlie Strong for having his guys ready to play. That is why I agreed with the conservative offensive plan last week, especially on the road. That being said, we need to get our offense going. Yeah we miss Harvin and Murphy, but we still have talented receivers and one of the best tight ends in the country which is why we MUST to spread the field and throw the ball down field more. Even if we don�t complete too many of them, the threat alone will open up the running game for Demps, Rainey, Moody, and of course, Tebow. Yeah the dive play can be effective, but now is the time Addazio needs to gradually expand the playbook to start putting up at least 30 points a game. This is homecoming week and Arkansas is bringing a pretty good quarterback and offense in to the Swamp. After last year, we can�t overlook any team, even at home. We need to get off to a quick start and not make this game close. I�m confident that being back in the Swamp and Timmy having a regular week of practice will have this team motivated to dominate the way it should. I still don�t think we should run Timmy too much unless we have to. I�d rather see him drop back and start spreading the ball around. And what about all the preseason talk about putting Tebow under center to prepare him for the NFL. Yeah he lined up under center last week, but never intended on snapping the ball. Winning games is the priority, but I don�t see the harm in mixing in some pro style offense, especially if we get a decent lead. I expect the Defense to be motivated to shut down this offense and our offense to prove they don�t need to rely on the defense every game. And by the way, I haven�t forgotten what a coward Bobby Petrino was when he left the Atlanta Falcons after half a rough season. He bolted out of town as soon as things got a little ugly, well Bobby, it�s going to get a little ugly on Saturday.

TEPROWDICTION: Gators 38 Hogs 17

October 9, 2009 - Pre - LSU Whewww! Thank God it looks like Timmy is recovering well since his concussion almost two weeks ago. The bonus is he may even be able to play tomorrow night. If he is cleared to play, which I anticipate, I�m still torn on how much we should play him. Meyer said he had his best practice of the week on Thursday and he will be evaluated again tonight after landing in Baton Rouge. I would love to see him take every snap in the game and run for 100 yards, but I don�t know if that�s in Timmy�s or the Gator�s best interest. I�ll have to trust in the medical staff and Coach Meyer based on their observations this week. Even though Brantley has never started a game and LSU tough place to play, I think if our defense and running game performs, we can still win the game. Even though LSU has played tougher competition than us so far, their offense is still suspect and they haven�t faced a defense like ours. I like our chances as long as we don�t get behind early with some turnovers. It will be a crazy atmosphere in Death Valley, but I think we have the capability of coming out of the gate quick like we did against Kentucky (even with a bunch of sick players) and take the crowd out of it. Because if we let LSU hang around like our last trip there in 2007, they have a knack for pulling games out, even when they are outplayed (like this year at Miss State and Georgia). I can�t wait to see Timmy take the field tomorrow and night and I know the entire Gator Nation will be on their feet with full Tebowners in effect!

TEPROWDICTION: Gators 31 Tigers 20


Sept 30, 2009 Gators 41 Kentucky 7 - OMG!! Did Tebow really just get knocked out? There was a frightened, eerie silence across the Gator Nation when Timmy hit the turf and lay there motionless. I myself was terrified after seeing the replay over and over again of our He15man Hero�s head slammed back into our offensive lineman�s knee. Yes, the initial hit was a good, clean shot on Tim, but he would have got right back up and shrugged it off, had his head not violently landed on Gilbert�s knee. That whiplash probably would have killed most mortals, but not Timmy. He luckily only needed a few minutes (even though it seemed like an eternity), to pick himself up and walk to the sideline. The reports thus far seem very positive as Meyer and Brantley said he was walking around the Football complex on Tuesday joking and laughing, although he still complains of headaches. There is an argument as to why Tim was still in the game in the second half with such a big lead, especially after being sick during the week. However, I�m not going there. He certainly didn�t look sick in the first half and the injury was a freak accident. Also, he was injured on a drop back pass play, not a designed QB run. Shit, that play would have never happened if there weren�t a few penalties that brought back a Demps TD and some other big plays (compliments of Hernandez and Cooper). That being said, Meyer and Addazio need to learn from this and make sure to pull him when the game is in hand. Football isn�t like baseball, when once you sit a player, they�re out. If Kentucky would have made a huge comeback or Brantley was injured, Tebow could have reentered the game (much like what happened in Kentucky a few years ago when Meyer put the starters back in for the 4th quarter). As much as Timmy deserves to win a second (should be third) Heisman trophy, no matter what his stats are, the National Championship is the priority. So let�s not take Tebow�s Greatness and Invincibility for granted, as many of us have including myself, and make sure his Gator career ends in Pasadena holding up the crystal football. One of the toughest obstacles to get there is our trip to Red Stick (Translates to Baton Rouge in French, idiots) in two weeks. Thank God we have a bye week, and as always, Thank God we have TIM TEBOW!!! Keep in him your prayers.

Sept 22, 2009 Florida 23 Tennessee 13 - Congratulations Lame Kiffin, You're still a LOSER! You and your Vols are 1-2, because moral victories don't exist. You better thank your pop and players for playing hard, because they had so much fear they were going to get completely humiliated. Oh, and it didn't hurt you that three of our top players (Demps, Hernandez, and Cunningham) had the flu. You're old man actually put a good defensive plan together except there was one factor he had no answer for, TEBOW! Timmy played a game similar to several in his 2007 Heisman year, when he put the team on his back and plowed the Gators to victory. He carried 24 times for 105 yards, with some nice elusive moves to go with his usual steamroller runs, like the one where he flattened Erica Berry (supposed bad ass safety). I was in attendance at the swamp (sea of blue was sweet), but was sitting in one of the smelly ugly orange sections. It cracked me up to hear how surprised they were to still be in the game after the 1st quarter (as I was too). They celebrated after Tebow's sack, interception, and fumble as if the Vols had won the National Championship. Only to watch Tebow break their hearts with spectacular runs for 3rd down conversions. I enjoyed ragging on the Vol fans with statements such as 'Peyton wasn't half the college QB as Tebow and was 0 for Life against the Gators! ' , 'I miss Fat Phil', and my favorite, ' Is it womens' basketball season yet?' The truth is the Vol fans were just relieved that they've seen the last of Timmy in a Gators uniform and didn't have to leave at halftime. Ok, let's move on now. 3 wins down, 11 to go. We have our first road game of the year in Lexington against the Kentucky Wildcats. This Saturday will be the one year anniversary of our loss to Ole Miss and 'The Promise'. Last year we overlooked Ole Miss, this year we need to make sure we don't get caught off guard and must bring the A game. Hopefully the close game last week, will remind us that we need to treat every game like it's the championship game to keep the perfect record going. We need to open up the playbook and get the ball down field, regardless what receivers we have available.

TEPROWDICTION: Gators 38 Kentucky 17

Sept 15, 2009 Gators 56, Troy 6. Two Wins Down, Twelve to go. Tebow looked sharp putting up 5 TD (4 pass, 1 rush) against another overmatched defense. He looked in mid season form as he put his passes on a rope and ran over defenders. It was also a relief to see Deonte Thompson step up, after dropping the first pass thrown of the game he came back strong with 2 TD receptions. The running game looked great with the exception of Moooody putting the ball on the ground (Again). He needs to hold on to the ball if we're going to use him as a change of pace power back. Thankfully the Preseason is over and now we jump into the SEC schedule with Tennessee and welcoming Mr. Kiffin to THE SWAMP. I hope Al Davis will be watching when Tebow and the Gator Nation beat him and his team down like a red (make that burnt orange) headed step child. Although he's a crazy old son of a bitch, he is an NFL owner who said Kiffin was "A Professional Liar who spent more energy making excuse about losing than focusing on winning." I guess that was the line that made the UT Athletic Director realize he was a perfect fit for the Vols. Don't get me wrong, I loved ragging on FAT PHIL, but this kid is so na�ve and stupid, I almost feel bad for the dumb f#@k! NOT! I haven't seen anyone look as clueless and confused since Marti Kuisma. In his initial press conference he was reading cue cards (about a 3rd grade level) and said "I can't wait to sing Rocky Top all night long after we beat Florida next year. It will be a Blast!" I'm happy to know this has been posted in the Gators locker room. Shit, they couldn't even beat UCLA in Knoxville. It seems as if he can Talk the Talk (barely) but can't back it up. After we destroy his team and credibility this week, it won't be long before his team and Tennessee fan base turn on him too. I'm even pissed at his ass for wasting my time and space that should be focused on "The Chosen One", but I've been holding all this anger in since the day of Kiffin's bullshit press conference. So I have faith that Timmy and Meyer feel the same and will not let this one get away from us and not pull any punches. It will be a Blast!

TEPROWDICTION: Gators 42 Tennessee 14 (Hopefully worse, but don't want to be to overconfident)

TEPROW SHOUTOUT: Congrats to Percy Harvin and Louis Murphy for scoring TDs in their NFL Debut!


Sept 7, 2009 Florida 62 Charleston Southern 3 --One down, 13 Wins to go! This game was exactly what it was meant to be��a warm up. Tebow , Cooper, Demps, Rainey, and James looked great on offense, but Deonte Thompson's gotta catch the bomb. Tebow put it right in stride for the guy who is supposed to be replacing Murphy as the deep threat. With Dubose and Moore on the sidelines, we're going to need to see more from Thompson and David Nelson. It's probably harder to judge the Defense against such an overmatched opponent, but even though we gave up some yards, only giving up a field goal with mostly second and third stringers is pretty good. Next week's game against Troy will provide a little more competition, with hopefully the same results, big win and no significant injuries. I would like to see Timmy get a few more TDs for his Heisman Campaign, but keeping him healthy is most important. Sorry to hear about little Samantha Bradford spraining his shoulder, but now he has an excuse on why he couldn't steal it away from Tebow two years in a row. Like I said a few months ago, Sammy should have been forced to hand the Heisman back to Timmy in Miami, because it was obvious who the better player was. Although tempted, I will not talk about the game in two weeks (I just did), because we need to stay focused one game at a time to complete the perfect season.

TePROdiction: Gators 49 Troy 14

Aug 2, 2009 Finally after seven months of celebrating Timmy's second National Championship and anticipation of the new season, we've got a game to look forward to this Saturday. OK, hopefully it won't be much of a game against Charleston Southern, but the fact that we only have #15 in the Orange and Blue for 14 more games, we have to cherish every snap this year. This season is the most anticipated in Florida Football History as we have our entire defense intact (props to Spikes for returning) and the best college player of all time in his final season? Do you believe the Hype? I do, Tebow has unrealistic expectations placed on him his entire career and he always seems to somehow surpass them. So hopefully Coach Meyer and new Offensive Coordinator, Steve Addazio will give Timmy and the starters enough playing time to work the kinks out and rack up some stats, but get them out early enough to limit risk of injuries. I hope all of Gator Nation will join me, Teprow, in proudly displaying our Huge Tebowners for the next 5 months.

TePROwdiction: Gators 52, Charleston Southern 10 (we usually give up an early score to let the outmanned team feel good about themselves before beating them senseless.)

Teprow Shoutout: Happy 40th to the Original Tebowner, Tombow. Timmy's going to wrap up a 2nd Heisman and 3rd National Championship just for you (ok the entire Gator Nation)


If anyone have any tix available for the Tennessee game (Lame Kiffin's first G-Ville Asskicking), drop me a line at

May 20, 2009 - Last night was the Annual Gator Gathering in South Florida, which is always a great time to hang with some Gator brethren between seasons and listen to Urban give some updates on the team. Coach Meyer gave a great motivational speech about how doing things "The Right Way" leads to success and happiness, of course using Timmy as his poster boy. His speech along with mention of Tebow's Legendary Promise touched me so much, that it led to me getting up on stage (pic below) and delivering a promise of my own:

"I Promise to drink more than any Gator or college football fan this season and I promise to push my friends and all of Bru's East to drink their asses off and cheer for Timmy and the Gators as much as they can. God Bless."

Just when I thought I couldn't be more pumped for the upcoming football season, I got a real shock. I ran into a friend (now FOTM Sept 09) from Bru's East who introduced me to a couple of her friends. I was telling them about the Tebowner site and my blog only to find out, that I had a loyal blog reader in one of them, who actually recited a couple of my lame lines. Now that I think about it, I had a good buzz going and probably just got punked by my friends. But just in case it was true, I want to give a shout out to Paulina. Keep Reading (if you can tolerate it). To the rest of the Gator Nation with TEBOWNERS, only a few months to go before the Senior season begins. Start building up your beer tolerance and tailgating skills!


Jan 9, 2009 - Teprow Championship Blog Say it with me���NATIONAL FUCKIN� CHAMPIONS! Music to Teprow and the Gator Nation�s ears! Second in Three years and lookin� for at least one more with Timmy �The Greatest Player in College Football History� coming back for another year. Trust me, He�ll be back and better than ever. I�m proud to say I was able to witness the Championship in person last night (been to two of three) and Partied my ass off Heisman Style before, during , and after the game. As TePROWDICTED, little Sammy Bradford looked smaller, weaker, and much INFERIOR to TEBOW and they should have took the Trophy from Bradford and given it to Timmy right after the game. Oklahoma thought they were going to score 60 points for the sixth straight game, NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND!!!! Try 14. They said Tebow would have been the 5th best quarterback in the Big 12, BULLSHIT. If you�re going to talk the talk, you better walk the walk and Oklahoma was crawling like a baby at the end of that game. While Timmy, Percy, Brandon and the entire Gator Nation, confirmed what we already knew, and in the words of Lawrence Wright, �If You Ain�t a Gator, You�re GATORBAIT!!!


Jan 6, 2009 - Post Bama, pre BCS Championship Game SEC, SEC, SEC Champs Baby! Wasn�t a blowout, but a great comeback win for Timmy and the Gators beating Bama and the Nicktator. Tebow showed why he�s the best quarterback and overall football player (Harvin #2) in the country, the way he led the last two touchdown drives, hitting receivers in stride. Sam(antha) Bradford, great season and congrats on the Heisman, but know that you have nothing on The Chosen One. Even during the ceremony, Sammy and Horesy (Colt) looked like little boys among THE MAN, Tebow. So now there�s one more game left for all the Fuckin marbles. Much love for Bobby Stoops and his role in the �96 championship season, but now you�re a target. I�m so tired of hearing Big 12 this and Big 12 that. Tebow�s got the Big 15 and he�s gonna ram it down Oklahmoma�s throat. In anticipation for the big game, Teprow and TebOwner.coM attended the Gators practice at FAU on Sunday. It was great to see Percy running hard and Tebow putting all his passes on the money and BJ running through the defense on kick returns. Even had a chance to have a few words with Coach Meyer at the end of practice. However the highlight of the Day (maybe my lifetime) was getting a high (ok mid) five from Timmy as he exited the training facility on his way to the bus. That�s Teprow�s hand Timmy slapping in the picture below.


Needless to say I haven�t washed my hand since. Just to be safe, I haven�t washed anything since and won�t until Timmy�s holding up the Crystal Football Thursday night in Miami. Although I had to sell most of my possessions to buy a ticket, I�ll be close to the action in Row 2 (Section 126) to witness Timmy�s Greatness in the biggest game of his life. I�d invite you, my fellow tebowites, to stop by my tailgate and have a drink, but A) I don�t know where I�ll be parked and B) who am I kidding, nobody reads this blog, I just do it for my own amusement. Teprowdiction: UF 35 OK 20 Go Timmy! Go Gators!

Dec 14, 2008 - Post FSU, Pre SEC Championship FSWho? Check out last week�s Teprowdiction. I nailed it! Five Nole Ass kickings in a row, which really should be 6 if it weren�t for those shitty ACC refs in the worst officiated college football game ever in 2003 (No, I won�t let it go). It wasn�t much of a game as the Gators jumped out early like we�ve done in our last few games, but the game did produce one of Timmy�s best moments in his illustrious career. When Timmy moved the pile of noles into the end zone and emerged with the garnet end zone paint on his face, it looked as if he went 10 rounds with the entire FSU team��and WON. Although it looked like blood, you could see he was feelin� No Pain.


Now onto Nick Satan and the Tide. They�ve been on a Roll, but it stops in Atlanta. Why you ask? You know why. Think back to September 27th after Ole Miss upset the Gators. Timmy came to the podium and promised redemption. To work harder than any other player in the country and push his teammates harder than anyone else in the country. As always, He had delivered and will continue to. At least for two more games. God Bless (Tim Tebow) TEPROWDICTION UF 34 Bama 24.

Nov 25, 2008 - Post Citadel � Pre FSU Although it wasn�t much of a game, Teprow had a great day in G-ville for Senior day. Over the summer my nephew (see FOTM) asked me to take him to the Swamp to see his Heisman Hero, so I had to make it happen.


Awesome football weather in the 50s, catchin� the Gator Walk, drinkin kamikizes and sharing old stories with my bro and pop in the Porpoise. Then watching Timmy, Percy, Brandon, etc. put on a show (for at least a half). Great tune up for the Noles in Talle. Meyer�s got to make sure that we�re not looking ahead to Bama. TEPROWDICTION: UF 45 FSU 15

Nov 14, 2008 � Post Vandy � Pre CockFest 08 Now this season is getting interesting. Gators and Timmy He15man beat up on Vandy (they are who we thought they were and we kicked their ass) and props to Iowa for taking out an overrated Penn State in that weak fuckin� Bitch 10 conference. Like the previous four games, all three phases of the game were dead on. That�s the kind of play callin� and execution that won us an NC in 2006 and we�ll need to have in the last 5 games. This has been a roller coaster season as we were a favorite to win the NC in the preseason, then after the loss to Ole Miss it didn�t look possible, now most experts and analysts are picking us to win out. That�s just the kind of shit we DON�T need right now with the Ole Ball Coach coming back to G-ville. We need to dominate from the kick off to avoid giving the cocks a chance to play spoiler in the 4th. Without Javis Moss� Cock Block two years ago, Spurrier would have won 2 of 3 vs. Meyer and cost the Gators the SEC and NC. Supposedly the Cocks have the best Defense in the SEC, so Timmy should be motivated to spread the ball around and account for 6 TDs like he did last year. As long as we don�t have multiple turnovers like we did against Ole Miss, we should BEAT the COCKS convincingly. Teprowdiction: 38 � 13. I unfortunately will not be in Gainesville for CockFest 08, but will make sure I attend in Columbia next year.

Nov 8, 2008 � Post Georgia � Pre Vandy Georgia, Georgia, How�d you like to BITE MY ASS! Best Gator Victory since the Ohio State (football) beat down. Revenge is Dish Best Served Cold, and that�s what Timmy and the Gators served up at the World�s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. 49-10 Bitches! Even Michael Vick, was horrified by the merciless thrashing laid on the Dawgs. As expected Knowshon was a No-Show and Stafford spent most of the game on his back.. In my last blog I hoped to win by 30. Guess I�ve been too conservative in my ass kicking wishes. Well, now that we�ve won the biggest game of the season, every Next game is the biggest game of the season. This week it�s Vandy on the road and we�re a big favorite, last time we were favored by 20 we shit the bed, which is why we should be focused and up for this game. This one punches our ticket to Atlanta for a chance for a conference championship and a chance to play in Miami for another NC. Yes, the Gators can only control our own games. Yes, Nick Satan is an asshole. But the best opportunity the Gators have to solidify a spot in the top 2, is to beat an undefeated #1 Bama team, the day before the Bowl Selections. Depending on what happens with Penn State and the Big-12, beating a one loss Bama team, may get us there, but why the fuck would a Gator fan want LSU of all teams to beat Bama and risk it. I know one such idiot, and I�m going to kick his ass if LSU wins (and probably if they lose too). Back to reason for this lame blog. After a slow start, Timmy is back in the He15sman Race and if he can lead his team to an SEC championship and a berth in the BCS National Championship (NC) game, he will be tough to beat. We�ll all be pulling for him, but realize the NC takes top priority. Timmy has a Heisman and a NC ring, winning another of each in the same year will be Unprecedented. Now I�m being a little premature (go figure) and am way ahead of myself. Disregard the last few sentences. Better yet, disregard the whole fuckin� blog, except the part about beating Georgia�s ass. Teprowdiction: Gators 31 Vandy 10

Oct 30, 2008 � Pre World�s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party After the Gators last two ass whippings on LSU and Kentucky, Teprow, like the Gators has my MoJo back. Those two games showed us the 08 Gators we were expecting to see, and want to see for the rest of the season. Seven games in, hopefully 7 more to go, but this week is by far the most important game of the season. Even though there are tons of SEC and National Championship implications, this week is about one thing and one thing only, RESPECT. Wait, make that two things RESPECT and REVENGE. We have to put the little red and black puppies back in their place (being our bitches) for that shit they pulled last year. Our offensive line was a like a set of well oiled turnstiles, that didn�t give our Heisman an opportunity to work his magic. Our defense was pathetic on third down and let the little No-Show bitch run through us like a hot knife through butter. That was then, this is Now! An older more experienced Defense, Better Special Teams, and a newly found speed running game of our own. I hope Meyer had that gay celebration charade playing in the locker room, right after the Kentucky game and hasn�t stopped playing it since. Do I think we should retaliate this year, YES, but not on the first score, but on the last, when we hammer the last nail in their coffin. I�m also really sick of their beloved mut mascot, and think we should bring a live Gator on the field to swallow him in one gulp. We need Mullen to devise a game plan, like he did for the Ohio State game and Timmy and the Gators to execute it to perfection. Although we need to get Percy a lot of touches, we need to spread the ball around and keep their defense off balance. This is a MUST win. I�ll be happy if we win by one, but would love to win by 30. Teprowdiction: Gators 38 Puppy Dawgs 21 P.S. I found out the last two games, the more I seem to drink, the more the Gators seem to score. I ask my fellow Gators fans to do our part and commit to drinking our asses off for this cocktail party, whether in Jacksonville, Gainesville, Bru�s East, or around the country.

Oct 11, 2008 � Pre LSU Whew, got back in the win column, but not the outburst of energy and offense that we were all hoping for. Rainy and Demps had a couple long touchdowns late to make the score look better than the game was. Tebow looked better than he did against Ole Miss, but still didn�t see that fire in his eyes. If it sounds like I�m down on Tebow and the Gators, I�m not. I think back to the 2006 season, when early on, we had all the pieces but weren�t firing on all cylinders. I think that could be the case this year, if we can show some improvement on the offensive and defensive lines. The good news is that this game is the most important game of the season, against the defending chumps is in THE SWAMP. As if Timmy and the Gators weren�t already going to be psyched to redeem themselves and defend the Swamp this makes it more special. Last year we had the Tigers on the ropes, with our young defense, and gave the game away in the fourth quarter. Lucky Less is a Real Cock(y) piece of shit and is due for an ass kicking. Thanks to his genius linebacker, Jean Francine, for saying they were going to knock Tebow out of the game and adding fuel to the fire. First he pusses out with a clarification later that day to say he meant knock Timmy out of his rhythm not hurt him. Then, the chicken shit must have watched some tape of Tebow beating down FSU last year after Gena Hayes made similar comments and thought otherwise. Newsflash, Jean Francine isn�t even making the trip to Gainesville. They say he�s got a pulled groin, but I think he�s got a yeast infection in his big vagina ( LSU is a high quality team, but look for some better offensive play calling and execution from Timmy, Percy, Louis, Chris, BJ, and Aarron (Big Game) to get their shit together and bring the Gators back into National Championship contention. Need to make sure we dominate on special teams and win the turnover battle. Teprowdiction: Gators 34 LSU 21

Oct 3, 2008 � Post Miss I, Teprow, take full responsibility for the Gators loss to Ole� MotherFuckin� Miss and that assfuck Houston No Nutts. One, I did not post a blog after the great road win against Fat Fuckin� Phil. Two, I did not dawn the Tebow Jersey for the Ole Miss Game. Three, I like Urban Meyer was celebrating USCs loss and looking ahead. Other culprits in the loss include: Jeff aka Beautiful Babies who broke game day tradition by watching the game at a different location. Dawn who didn�t make her game day Gator Cupcakes. And Finally, Bob Brudzinski, who�s bar, Bru�s Room ( ran out of the All tePROw Combo during the game. So now, we must move on and regain the �Eye of the Tiger� (Circa 1982) and wake the fuck up to plow through the rest of the SEC schedule. We need to see the hungry Tebow we saw last year, who after every run or big play, got jacked up and electrified the team and the Gator Nation. I�m optimistic that Timmy will back up his promise to play as hard as any player in the country and make sure his team follows his lead. Teprowdiction: UF 42 Arkansas (and puss coach Petrino) 17.

Sept 19, 2008 � Pre Vols I apologize for the long delay, although I am pretty bummed that nobody contacted me to wonder where the hell it was. You might think the lack of readers and feedback reduce my motivation, but fuck that, this isn�t about you the reader or me the idiot, its all about the Chosen One, Tim Heisman Tebow. Speaking of which, after he and the Gators slept through the first three quarters of the Miami game, they finally woke up to lay an SEC Smackdown on the �Has been U�. After hanging in for awhile, they couldn�t just take the loss like men, they had to cry about the last field goal like little fuckin� babies. Shannon Randy (both girls names) said the late field goal showed a lack of character Urban Meyer and will only help Miami in the recruiting battle. What a fuckin� tool. Yeah, if I was an 18 year old recruit in the SWAMP that night, I would have told Shannon to shove his scholarship up his ass as soon as I saw the Gators take the field in an electric environment. Gas was a buck a gallon the last time College Gameday was at a Miami home game and by the time they make it there again, cars won�t need gas. The said thing is, as shitty as they are they may compete for the ACC (All Cupcake Conference) title. Well enough about a shitty team and their pussy conference, its finally time for some SEC game starting with Tennessee. Great job Fat Fuckin� Phil did in representing the conference by losing to an unranked UCLA team who got shut out the week later. Tebow and the Gators are going to give the Vols a spanking in front of 86,000 dumb fucks wearing the ugly puke orange. The other 20K will be rabid Gator Fans, which will be the only ones left in the stadium by the time the fourth quarter starts. I hope to see the same stifling D we saw two weeks ago and a much better offense with Tebow throwing the ball downfield and some big runs by our speedy backs. TEPROWICTION: Gators 43 Vols 10

Sept 3, 2008 � Post Hawaii � Pre Canes One Down, Thirteen Wins to Go! As expected, Hawaii did not provide a challenge for Tebow and the Gators. The only thing they did manage to do was break Timmy�s 14 game streak of scoring at least one rushing TD and one passing TD. BFD (Big F*@kin Deal)! Tebow will be remembered for a lot of more important things like SEC TitleS, HeismanS and National ChampionshipS! So we crushed Hawaii without Percy and Spikes and Tebow didn�t even break a sweat (does he sweat?). All three phases of the team looked good, but we�ll get a much better gauge against Miami on Saturday. I�ve been looking forward to this game since they put it on the schedule. I have a lot of hated teams (Auburn, Georgia, Tennessee, FSU, LSU, Cocks, etc.), but right now Miami ranks right up there after attending the beatings they gave us in G-Ville in 2002 and Miami in 2003. I have horrible memories from both games. In G-Ville I almost knocked out a 70 year old woman who said, �So this is the toughest place to play in the country?� walking out of the Swamp. Later that night there was a fire in the Porpoise (Gator City to you damn newbies) which interrupted my attempt to drown my sorrows. It was worse in 2003 after having an awesome day on a party bus down to the OB (shithole) and kicking their ass for 3 quarters, before the bottom dropped out. It�s bad enough to blow a huge fourth quarter lead, but when your old quarterback Brock �Little Cock� Berlin leads the comeback it was torture. Living in South Florida only made it worse. But finally the football gods have scheduled this game when the Gators are on a good run and the Canes are rebuilding. If I could send Urban a message on how to approach this game it would be���.NO MERCY! Challenge the offense to score 100 and the defense to post a shut out. So help me Cane fans, if that happens, you are going to be hearing from Teprow for a long time. I�ll start by following you fucks back to the Bambi Hotel and camp out (with a cooler of beer) all night shouting profanities outside your window so you can�t sleep. And if one of those bastards shoot me (as they are know for), I�ll die with a smile on my face. Screw that, I need to be at the game in Miami next year. Actually we�ll get to win on their new home field in January for the NC. This week�s TEPROWDICTION: Gators 62 Miami 13 This Hannah Bitch, better not interfere with this Game. Although Timmy can just stiff arm it sending it across the Atlantic.

August 25, 2008 � Pre-Season Start Finally, less than a week until Tebow and the Gators take the field in the opener vs. Hawaii. I already have a semi-tebowner. Other than a few injuries (will miss C.I.), we�re in good shape and should be even better on offense and hopefully significantly improved on �D�. I�m willing to sacrifice some of Tebow�s stats for a more wins with a balanced attack, especially with Rainey and Moody in the backfield. Timmy can win a second Heisman with less impressive stats, if the Gators are in the BCS title race. Again, I�m a little disappointed that June (girl�s name) Jones won�t be coaching the (Rainbow) Warriors for a thrashing worse than Georgia gave them in the Sugar Bowl. Speaking of UGA, glad to see them and not UF in the preseason #1 spot. All that ranking does is make them a bigger target for the #5 (perfect starting spot) for the Gators. Before I make my prediction for the Hawaii game, I have a long term teprowdiction, ok personal dream for Timmy. Although Gator Football is by far my number 1 sports passion, I also enjoy the NFL, and have been cursed by being a �stinkin� NY Jets fan since I was a kid. So yes, I�m happy to have Favre, but hope he only stays two years. I�ll take a good year this season, and then hope for the bottom to drop out so the can draft Timmy and watch himn shatter all Favre�s and all NFL records as a J-E-T, Jet, Jet, Jet. Although no Gators have played for the Jets in 15 years, there is a UF connection with their offensive coordinator, Brian Schottenheimer, who was Wuerrfel�s backup and went to UF specifically to learn from Stevil (Spurrier, for you nubies). Now let me get back to Gator Football and this weeks game, before I alienate the couple of readers I (hopefully still) have. The Gators are notoriously known for starting out slow in the opener, usually against small conference teams. My theory has always been that these small schools get paid a lot of cash to come to the Swamp for an embarrassing ass kickin�, and UF gives the opponent 10 � 15 minutes of hope, before going full throttle. I don�t expect that this week, and regardless of the coaching change, want to make a statement teprowdict a blowout 49-10 (hopefully worse). Not that I�m looking ahead (ok, guilty), but I�m heading up to G-Ville for the Miami game and still don�t have tix. Please email me at if you have any for sale. Go Timmy, Go GATORS!!!

June 13, 2008 � Summer Where the fuck has Teprow been for the past six months? TePROCRASTINATING! I had lost my Teprow MoJo and I�m trying to get it back with only 9 Saturdays left until kickoff against Hawaii. Not to mention I was threatened to lose my blog if I didn�t submit this by midnight tonight. Sorry readers (all 3 of you), I�m not ready to give it up yet and look forward to another blogging about our Hero and his second Heisman and National Championship season.

So what has Timmy been up to since his last game in January? He�s added to his hardware collection by winning the E. Sullivan Memorial Award as the nation�s most outstanding amateur athlete and the SEC Male Athlete of the year. He threw for 200 yards and 2 TDs in the Orange & Blue game with a 103 degree fever. I personally think that story was made up by ESPN to try and make Tebow appear human with weaknesses, even though we know better. I enjoyed watching the ESPN coverage and watching Erin Andrews drool all over Tebow, while I (like most male viewers) was drooling over her. Don�t they make a nice Gator couple? Tebow also was also honored at the State Capitol in TallaFuckinghassee in April. Apparently Burt (fag) Reynolds Hall, where the Nole Players live, was on lockdown that day. Sources tell me that more than 30 Noles, including Geno Hayes, wet their beds in fear of being stiff armed, AGAIN! As if that wasn�t enough, Tebow spent his spring break in the Philippines assisting doctors perform surgery for impoverished children. He�s the man!

Now let me reflect on what I�ve done since the bowl game. Hmm, I�ve gained about 10 -15 lbs. drinking beer and playing Xbox Live (Gamertag: ProGuy). Although I realize I�ll never be a pimple on Tebow�s ass (neither will you), I�m suddenly motivated to be a little more Tebowish, and will strive to be a better person and give a little more back to the community over the next few months (until football season). I challenge you to put down your beers and game controllers and do the same. Although I�m confident about a good season, a little extra karma spread throughout the Gator Nation wouldn�t hurt. Feel free to drop me a line at and let me know any tebowlike acts you or a friend has accomplished. Or more importantly, let me know if you have any tickets to any games this season. More in a few weeks.

June 13, 2008 � COUNTER-BLOG Dude - this blog is lame and blogs dont have 6 month gaps. There is a world of Tebow to discuss all fucking year! How about a little comedy in this too, its too clean, too straight-up - get some balls and write some good shit in here next time.

The bullshit about giving back to the community. Wow, you have alot of hoodspa putting that in there when you called me repeatedly all weekend to play xbox (Gamertag: winzillions) and drank you ass off on top of it - no thought a bettering your community that weekend. I'm sure this week will be different... see you online tonight ;-)

Now get back to work you slacker, and write a decent though-provoking controversial blog so I dont have to waste time blasting you again and again on here.

Jan 2, 2008 � Post Bowl Game Hope all you Tebowites had a Great Holiday and a Happy New Year. Or at least up until the start of the Capital One Bowl. Unfortunately it was reminiscent of the Florida Georgia game, where the Gator offensive line and the defense was pathetic. Not sure if it was the players or the schemes, but it seemed like Miiiiiiichigan always had one free blister unaccounted for. Tebow and the other playmakers (Harvin, Caldwell, CI) did their job, but just didn�t get the ball in their hands enough. I expected more adjustments in the second half, then we got. Although the offense missed on some opportunities, the Defense and special teams stunk up the citrus bowl (to put it politely). I didn�t see the opening kick fiasco of the second half (had to break the seal), but heard it was pathetic. Well although Timmy didn�t have his best game, it was a much better showing then last years Heisman Trophy winner (Troy Smith) had in his bowl game, where the Gators beat him senseless for 60 minutes. The only other saving grace to the loss is that it wasn�t for a title. I know wining bowl games always helps recruiting, but its not like we lost a shot at a National Championship. (The game was close, Tebow played well, and hopefully if our defense can get a pass rush and cover some receivers next year, Timmy and the Gators will have a chance to win some trophies next year. For as young as the team was this year, I don�t think losing 4 games was awful, just because we were in all of them with a chance to win late in the game. Losing any games next year will be UNACCEPTABLE. That�s all Teprow�s got for now, but will be sure to be sharing some thoughts and bullshit throughout the off season.

December 13, 2007 � Post Heisman Hangover Well I have to admit, as great as last weekend was; Teprow is suffering from some post Heisman, no game for a few weeks, depression. Even after the Gators whipped FSU�s ass and we knew the next game wouldn�t be until New Years Day, there was the Heisman Ceremony to look forward to and a reason to get together with fellow Tebowites and drink. Now there are still 19 days ( 3 Saturdays) left before SuperTim takes the field against the Wolverines, so I guess I�m feeling a little letdown.

In other SEC news, Bobby Petrino left the Atlanta Falcons to replace Houston Nuttless at Arkansas. What a little bitch he was to bail out of Atlanta without even finishing one season. Even when Steve left UF to coach the Redskins, he gave it two years before giving up. If Petrino thinks it was bad in Atlanta, wait until the day (10-4-08) he plays the Gators next season. He is going to wish he could trade places with Michael Vick that day, and probably resign from Arkansas and go coach pee wee football. That�s all I have for now, just trying to get over the Heisman Hangover and trying to get ready for the Holidays.

December 11, 2007 � HE15MAN And the winner of the 2007 Heisman Memorial Trophy is TIM TEBOW, FLORIDA !!!!! Music to Teprow�s and the Gator Nation�s ears. As ecstatic as I was when they called his name, I was also a bit relieved. Relieved, that the voters did the right thing and didn�t fall into their lame traditional mindsets as they�ve done for over 70 years. Tebow was Unequivocally �THE MOST OUTSTANDING COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER OF 2007.� I watched Timmy�s speech several times last night and this morning, and couldn�t help but feel like a proud father (ok, older brother) after watching him exceed all of the unrealistic expectations put on him the past two years. And what better than to have Danny Boy waiting on stage to be the first one to congratulate Timmy. Tebow was a little nervous (who wouldn�t be), but Brilliant just like he is on the field. �I love being a Gator, I love the University of Florida,� he said. I�ve also said these things many times, but don�t think it will have quite the effect of recruiting, like Tebow saying after winning the Heisman. Who the hell wouldn�t want to come play for the Gators and get a chance to play with �The Chosen One!� I also caught something on the replay, I missed live. When Tim went to give Urban a hug, Houston �Butt� Nutt was in the background looking like the loser he is and always will be (whether or not he�s at Arkansas or Old Miss). Can�t wait to beat his ass in Gainesville (9/27/08). Although I�m predicting one of Timmy�s best games, opening day against Hawaii in THE SWAMP. I hope June (girl�s name) Jones is on the sideline to get an accidental stiff arm, that lands him in Shands to watching on TV as Tebow shatters Brennan�s career records in one game. System quarterback����.My Ass! Wow, we haven�t even played the bowl game (lookout Miiiiiichigan) and Teprow�s already energized to kick some ass and go undefeated next season when Tebow gets his 2nd National Championship and Heisman. Next year Tebow gets a Heisman Vote, will he vote for himself or Percy Harvin???? Because Teprow Guarantees a Heisman for one of them!

Thanks to my fellow Tebowites at Bru�s East for showing up in full Tebow gear and sharing in the celebration of Tebow�s (first) Heisman Trophy. This site seems to be getting a ton of hits over the past couple of days, but we�re curious how everyone�s hearing about us. Please send me an email and let me know.

P.S. I had to text TebOwner.coM (Tom) when Timmy was announced the winner, as he was at a bareback rodeo at his �Dude Ranch�. I also apologize for the delayed blog. I just sobered up after 3 days of celebrating.

December 5, 2007 � SPECIAL EDITION FINAL-COUNTER-COUNTER-BLOG Timing may have been bad but your are still a horse's ass.

I agree on some points ... but dont question my Tebow fanhood - I am running! What more can i do. Speaks for itself. Best Tebow fan site on the net, bar none. My time, dedication, and worship speaks volumes. Don't attempt to go there.

Now get back to work you slacker, and write a decent though-provoking controversial blog so I dont have to waste time blasting you again on here. Or else in the words of Trump "You're Fired!"

December 5, 2007 � SPECIAL EDITION COUNTER-COUNTER-BLOG After months of watching Teprow grab the spotlight and single-handedly put this website on the map by spreading the good news of Tebow and throughout this great nation (or at least the East Coast), TebOwner.coM�s jealousy finally was too much for him to handle. He finally pulled his head out of his ass and the pacifier out of his mouth to speak his thoughtless mind. He originally asked me to write this blog as he was quite aware of my award winning literary skills compared to his childish rants (Tebow is Good, McFadden is bad) and rather than take a shot at it himself first, now he has embarrassed himself by letting all of you loyal Teprow fans witness his pathetic demise. Not only did I introduce TebOwner.coM to Timmy, as he was playing HS football an Nease, but provided him with a copy of the ESPN special �The Chosen One� in the Fall of 2005, months before Timmy stepped foot on the UF campus for the first time as a student (January 9, 2006, in case you were wondering).

The saddest part of it all is TebOwner.coM�s timing of his lame retaliation. Here we are only 3 days away from our main man Timmy accepting the Heisman Trophy and taking another step on journey that will inevitably proclaim him as not only the greatest player in the history of the Gator Nation, but all of College Football, and TebOwner.coM is throwing a temper tantrum, because he needs some attention.

On Saturday night, Teprow will be hosting a Heisman party at a local Gator Bar (Bru�s East) with some friends and toasting #15. Where will TebOwner.coM be? He tells me he can�t make the party because he will be at a �Dude Ranch� (his words) for the weekend. I was too scared to ask him to elaborate on exactly what that meant, but he probably won�t even be able to watch the Heisman Ceremony on TV. Big F&*kin� Tebow fan he is.

I�ll be back at least one more time before the trophy ceremony to focus on �The Chosen One� instead of �The Foolish One� like I did today.

December 4, 2007 � SPECIAL EDITION COUNTER-BLOG Let me get this out of the way... I run this site and I gave this space to a major Gator fan - calling himself Teprow - to express his fanhood on Tebow and general Gator-going-ons... he has disappointed me and probably the millions (and per The Rock --- and millions!) of fans of this site. Boring arguments, mild analysis, and lackluster passion has forced me to post this. Only his sister looks on here to read his bulls**t... I apologize to all the fans of

Tebow, of course, is the best player in the country. We knew this as the Gators got him out of high school and now it has come to light across the country. Those old dudes with sawdust in their nuts better make the right vote. Sophomore my white ass. That's horse crap, a way to play it old school. Nowadays with so many injuries and leaving school early - you gotta give the Heisman to the best player. I understand McF**knutt and Charlie Daniels have senority - who gives a rat's ass. Tebow will win this. No one is even close. Check out this guy's 'anal'ysis . Daniel should beat McF**kNutt for sure - and McF**knutt has had some bad games in there. Anyway, Saturday will be a great day for Tebow and us.

Voting on ESPN for the Heisman. Nice idea and actually this online voting counts as one total vote. Of course you have seen our link to get online votes for Tebow on this site... This ESPN voting is the worst. Anyone can run automation software (I have) and run up the voting numbers (I have). Someone out there autovoted for Daniel because Tebow and Daniel were even when I hit the sack and when I woke, Daniel was 100K votes MORE! Who is programming this multizillion dollar web site? put some security on this page so it cant be automated. If Tebow loses the Heisman by one vote I will personally launch a campaign to nullify this vote and also take a ride up to ESPN and choke out Corso with my bare hands. I wouldnt care if it didnt count for the real Heisman but this is ridiculous.

Enjoy the site!!! PLEASE try the chat room and forums! Also some favorites Ive been enjoying:

Kid From Brooklyn - Stay Single
New Haircut

November 28, 2007 � Post-FSU Heisman Countdown: 10 days

For those (1 or 2) of you who have been anxiously awaiting a post FSU blog, my sincerest apologies. For those of you plotting to take the from Teprow, I will find out who you are and stiff arm you to the floor. I was suffering from writers block, since I was no longer able to talk Cocks.

I'm no fan of LSU or Les Miles (hopefully Michigan bound), but I was sick to my stomach after Arkansas upset LSU and the dopey ass Arkansas (now Ole Miss) Coach, Houston "no" Nutt, was making an ass of himself telling Mark May and Lou Holtz to take a look at #5 (Darren McFaggen) as the best player in the country. BULLSHIT, RunDMC is a great running back, but 1 or 2 great games, nor being a potential #1 NFL pick makes a Heisman Trophy Winner. McFadden may have had the potential to win it, but he shit the bed a few games, while Timmy was phenomenal every freakin' week. The winner should be chosen on performance, not the potential they did not live up to. There have been many writers/announcers (May, Terry "Clown" Bowden, etc.) who have it right, there is NO competition for this award, Tebow is the only choice. There are also a couple of idiots (Herbstreit, Howard, etc.) who change their story every night. There is nobody more biased than me when it comes to the Chosen One, but I do believe Tebow is the most deserving player and will probably flip several tables and start a riot (at Bru's east, of course) if Timmy is not holding up that trophy next Saturday night.

P.S Wanna give a recipricatory shout out to Gator Rob, Dec FOM. Way to go Superfan! I also refuse to even mention the lame quarterback from Miszou in this blog (but guess I just did)

November 18, 2007 � Post-FAU Teprow was again pretty close to picking the score. It was the kind of game I expected, EXCEPT they needed to get Timmy another couple of touchdowns. I think a couple of FAU defenders must have had some kryptonite on them, because they seemed to stop the T-man more than anyone else has. But why the hell is Kestahn Moore carrying the ball in the red zone? Are we trying to see if he can fumble away Timmy�s Heisman? Tebow is real close to locking this thing in and 2 or 3 more TDs could be the difference. And even though Bubba had a ton of catches, he dropped an easy one in the end zone in the 3rd quarter. Tebow�s been busting his ass for the Gator Nation for two years; give a little back by clicking on the link below and voting for him, because the loser fans from Missouri and Arkansas have nothing better to do than vote for their sub par (mere mortal) players. In the words of Tebowner himself, McFadden and Daniel have almost as much talent as a pimple on Timmy�s ass.

Well the SEC title is now officially out of reach, so lets ditch the �There�s No I in Team� bullshit and realize there is �An I in HeIsman� and let Timmy put up Monster Stats against FSU (CrimiNoles / Semenholes) to bring the 3rd Heisman Trophy to UF. Then next year he can bring the 4th.

November 16, 2007 � Pre-FAU C-fest 07 is officially over and I will not mention the C#@k word again, as many readers have been concerned and/or disturbed. Relax people. I hate Guys............ I love Women (Jay from Clerks Circa 1994). Just got in from Softball and watching the first half of the Oregon - Arizona game. First play we saw was Dennis Dickson try to make a fake pitch juke and turned his knee. No contact on him and he left the game. Seriously, Tebow would have run on one knee (or 3rd leg) up the gut the next 2 plays and scored. I'm starting to feel more confident about "The Chosen One" getting what he rightfully deserves...........The Heisman. And as one intelligent reader put it..........Heisman couldn't win the Tebow award. I think Tebow needs 5 TDs in the first half of the FAU game (before exiting in the 2nd) and another 4 or 5 total against the freakin noles to secure the trophy. It was great timing to have 7 TDs against the Gamec#%ks on national TV last week, prior to a cupcake game against FAU won't be seen nationally. I almost forgot to give a shout to ......... Nevermind, Screw UT.

Teprowdiction: Gators 62 Owls 9: Timmy has 3 passing and 3 TDs in the first half. On his last play he runs for a 69 yard touchdown and stiff arms 7 defenders on the way to the end zone (two of which are knocked unconscious).

November 11, 2007 � Post Cockfest '07 Steve Who? That was the most dominating cock beating in years. After Tebow�s 3rd (of 7) TD of the evening there was no looking back and no chance of a comeback. Timmy and the Gators cock blocked any chance of SC taking a 2-1 lead in the Urban Vs. Stevil series. The sad thing is that there were a couple of dropped passes that Timmy put on the money in the end zone, or I think he could have had 9 or 10 TDs. That�s without Percy. I was a little concerned when I got to my seat in the stadium and found out he didn�t even make the trip with the team. Not to worry, as Timmy was a one man show. I also think it made Mullen spread the ball around instead of relying too much on Harvin (who usually does come through). My point is that the offense will be better when he returns. The pass defense was still not very good, but is slowly improving, while the run defense seemed to be very solid. At least this is what I seem to recall, but will have to watch the reply when I return to Lauderdale tonight. Teprow did a ton of partying both pre and post game in Columbia. Pregame consisted of knocking down many beers and a few Tanquerays at the UF Alumni gathering (left with a couple of mini bottles for the game) and a phenomenal tailgate party hosted by a very hospitable family of Cocks (Thanks Spike). Post Game my boys and I hit a few bars in Columbia and for the most part were received well, despite the fact I still wore the #15. It took about 3 hours and two different Waffle Houses before Teprow was able to conclude his night with some scattered smothered and covered, while being reminded that there still is a lot of racial tension in the South. However, I don�t want this to become a political blog, so back to the focus. Timmy showed why he is the most outstanding player in college football and deserves the Heisman more than anyone. If the Gators could have eliminated even one loss and remained in the hunt for a Championship, I think the H trophy would be a lock. However, now that it doesn�t seem likely to win the SEC, he may have to wait another year.


November 4, 2007 � Vandy Post-game Thoughts I didn�t pick the exact score of 49-22, but I was damn close (42-20) and it was exactly the type of game I hoped it would be��.BLOWOUT! Just what the Gator Nation needed to recover from the Cocktail Party hangover. Timmy looked great throwing the ball and only ran when he needed to. I don�t know if it was Frank Caliendo giving a Madden pep talk, the homecoming crowd in the Swamp, or that I watched my final game of the season at Bru�s East, but something lit a fire under the Gators� Assess (especially the D) to make them dominate the game (like earlier in the season against Tennessee). And how good is Harvin? 100 yards rushing and receiving! If I had a little extra time and wasn�t so devoted to Timmy, I think I would have to start a PROcy Blog. However, it still may be too little too late if Tennessee and Georgia win out. Need Auburn and Kentucky to beat UGA and Arkansas, Vanderbuilt, or Kentucky to beat UT. Oh did I mention we need to break the 1-1 tie against the Ol� Ball Coach, Stevil, in what I�m calling CockFest 2007. Relax, Teprow is VERY secure in his masculinity (I hate Guys�.). I will be invading Columbia armed with my #15 jersey, my cousins, and a shitload of �cock� material (too easy). Unfortunately, none of my loyal readers have come through with Tickets (yet), so I guess I better bring some cash too. Teprowdiction: Gators 38 Cocks 28, Teprow gets great tickets, but doesn�t get to see the game because some Cock (fan) blindsides him, as he�s shotgunning beers in the parking lot, which incites an all out riot which Teprow�s gang does not have the numbers to win, but are easily identified by the Cock Cops in their bloody Gator attire.

November 2, 2007 � Vandy Pre-game Thoughts Vandy, Vandy, Vandy! Haven�t lost to them in 16 years, yet every year they always seem to give us a scare. I was at the game two years ago in the Swamp when we barely escaped with a W in double OT. It seems every year we are looking past Vandy to South Carolina, FSU, or the next �Big Game�, but this year Vandy is the next �Big Game�. Losing 3 out of the last 4 (reminiscent of the Zookie era) and returning to the Swamp, Teprow believes this game will set the tone for the remainder of the season and possibly next season. Despite numerous injuries we need to show some character and dominance against a significantly less talented team. All of our losses were to upper echelon SEC teams and all were close. If we win a tight game or God forbid lose, it would seem that the team has packed it in for the season. I don�t believe Timmy will let that happen, not again, not at home. Teprowdiction: Gators 42 Vandy 20

October 28, 2007 - Georgia Georgia how'd like ya like bite my ass All Tricks and No Treats this Halloween for the Gator Nation. I myself was tricked into thinking we had enough defense to let Tebow and the offense outscore opponents all the way to Atlanta. The Gator Defense is just too young and �ran out of gas� on Saturday and most games this season. 23 points by a very talented offense ( 7 on interception return) is not enough to carry this team. I usually defend Meyer and Mullen on their play calling and blame it on poor execution, but they have to pick the right times (down and distance and time left) to select plays other than your bread and butter (Tebow up the gut). I�ve been expecting more creative plays, but not on 4th and 2 in the fourth quarter, like the gadget pitch play from Caldwell to Harvin that never had a chance. The O-line was also suspect allowing 6 sacks that would have been more if Timmy wasn�t able to escape a few. Still not sure how bad Tebow�s right should was, but he still played a great game with 3 TD (2 rush, 1 pass) and no picks. No matter how painful, I�m sure he wanted the ball on 4th and 2 and it�s a shame the bad snap never gave him a chance to score with just over 2 minutes left. Harvin was really the only bright spot of the day. Without him, the game wouldn�t have been close. For Halloween, it would almost be appropriate for him to be Robin, if Tebow was Batman, but we all know Superman (Tebow) would never dress up as a lesser hero than he is in real life. Happy Halloween!

P.S. Teprow�s going to Columbia for Cockfest 2007, but still need tix. Let me know if you have any available. (

October 26, 2007 - Teprow on Matt Ryan I was enjoying watching Matt Ryan�s Heisman hopes go down the drain after multiple sacks and two inceptions as the game entered the final 2 minutes. I was slightly impressed with his play as he scored 2 touchdowns to win the game. However, without the onside kick recovery, he never touches the ball again. Then to hear the announcers praise him as he�s puking on the sideline, made me want to puke. Two touchdowns and two picks is no Heisman performance. Tebow could drink a gallon of gasoline, make those plays (probably better), and wouldn�t even need to spit, let alone hurl. Teprow�s final analysis of Matt Ryan: Above average quarterback, who will probably be a capable NFL backup, but a real wuss. Tebow could tie both arms behind his back and outperform Ryan Matt.

October 22, 2007 - Let's get started ... I humbly welcome you to my lame blog. I didn�t ask for it, but I accept the challenge and will do my best to entertain the handful of fans unfortunate enough to find this page. I will only speak my opinions (screw the truth) about �The Chosen One� and the Mighty Gators. I�ve had no formal writing training. I�m just a crazed alum (see fan of the month Sept 2006) with an unmatched passion for Florida Football (and B-Ball, of course). Enough about me (The Un-Chosen One) lets talk about Timmy.

From the time Tebow signed his letter of intent with UF, there�s never been so much hype for anyone to walk on the campus. Was the hype deserved? Hell Yeah! This kid has so much talent and leadership, there�s no limit on how good he can be. That being said, Meyer and Mullen shouldn�t rely on him to carry the team every week (most weeks). Although it�s rare that I agree with Herbstreit, he said something so true on Game Day prior to the Kentucky game. He said, �While Andre Woodson is very accurate and possess great decision making skills, what sets Tebow apart form Woodson and other quarterbacks around the country is not his cannon left arm or his bulldozing legs, its what�s pounding in his chest. Nobody in college football has the heart and will to win of Tebow. That is the reason for this blog, this website, and why all of the Gator Nation adores him, while the rest of the country rags on him in jealousy and fear.

While I believe the rest of team needs a year to catch up to Tebow to make a National Championship Run, I still believe that if Tebow and Harvin stay healthy and Dan Mullen can mix up the offense (like he did against Ohio State) the Gators can continue to outscore teams including LSU in Atlanta to win a second consecutive SEC Title (2nd of Tebow�s 4 he will win). Am I overly optimistic? Maybe. But I feel we were just a play away in the Auburn and LSU games of being undefeated and number one. Even last year, the team went through the schedule playing well, but not playing to their potential until the end of the season when they shocked the world (except for G-Ville) and won the title. It�s been a crazy start to this year�s college football season. Who knows? Maybe Teprow�s (me) expectations are too low.